Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Mini Metal Lathe

Just have purchased a new Micro Mark 16" metal lathe.

Have it set up on a new workbench with hardwood top. The lathe came out of the box set up ok, but I had to spend a fair amount of time and work cleaning the protectant off and re lubricating. Followed the following link. Still needing to do some of the other modifications.http://www.mini-lathe.comI turned the button shown below as a test. One of those canvas chair that we take to picnics etc had lost one of the special threaded buttons that hold the canvas on the metal chair frame. I could not find one anywhere so I turned one out of some 3/4" aluminum bar. I worked very well. Chair is repaired and sits well.

In short had use several lathe techniques to make the item. Started facing the low portion flat. Turned down the smaller lower diameter. Bored and tapped the 5/16" NC18 hole for the bolt to attach the canvas. The piece was then parted off the aluminum rod and remounted in the chuck with the top out. The top was then turned down and tapered by eye. No special tools. The top was then dressed and polished with 80 grit, 120 grit, 220 grit and finally 400 grit paper. Looks pretty good and works well.

New Plasma Cutter

Just have purchased a LT5000D Lotos Pilot start Plasma cutter from amazon.com. I was impressed with how it cut on the first pass of me trying it. I had also bought a plasma cutting guide from eastwood.com but the cup on the Lotos will not fit in any way into the guides alignment ring. I am building a new ring for the existing guide. Just have started turning the new cup ring. Will post a how to once I finish with the piece and have pics

Monday, September 15, 2014

It is Monday morning and just had an interesting and productive weekend.

Projects: Turn a replacement leg on the duplicator for an antique table, Repair some electronic equipment, specifically a Chavet LED controller board and a hairdryer. Do some alignment and light modifications on my new Micro Mark 16" micro lathe. Start the metal work on the lathe for a Plasma Torch cutting modifications for my new LOTOS LTP5000D IGBT Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter ( More details to follow),  finished and delivered a 1965 Mustang that I had painted about 9 years ago but needed some paint repair work, put together my plasma cutting table and powder coating curing lamp.

The interesting stuff was a look at a 1969 Camaro for a paint restoration, remove the vinyl top and some panel repair. My buddy that I work with on a variety of projects gave me an about 30'-40' vintage Alemite Pump 3 Gallon Grease Can, and two copper soda/acid fire extinguishers for restoration and to sell. Pictures and a detail of the projects to follow.

Check out my website. Still working on the design. Comments welcome