Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cheap Hanging Hooks

When doing projects, particularly painting project, one always needs hooks to hang items on to paint. It always seems you can never have enough of these hooks and they need to be strong to hold sometimes heavy items for painting or drying after cleaning. I have found that I can have an almost endless supply of hooks that can be custom made to hold almost any item. I use insulation supports, sometimes called "catspaws." They are available from most building supply stores in 16" and 24" OC varieties and run between $12-15. There are 100 pieces in the box and they are made from 14 gauge steel wire that is strong. I generally bend them with a squared-off hook on one end and a straight hook on the other. The squared-off hook works well on my hanging stand I use to paint and powder-coat. The stand is made from 1" square tube steel,