Monday, January 31, 2011

The First One

This is the first blog, and the first pass to get the site templates done. It will be a work in progress. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Currently, I am working on : building this blog site, repairing my car (malfunctioning MAF sensor or idle control valve - more to follow), learning DoubleCADXT Pro ( a CAD design program), using CAD to finish a plan to build a tool slide to turn my Jet wood lathe into a Metal Lathe, designing and getting parts together to build a small CNC (computer numerical control) micro engraver and a CNC router, continued work on the 1986 Corvette Restoration, building aluminum mounting plates for HD video and audio for Automated Digital Display Systems (

1 comment:

  1. Olá sou do Brasil!Legal o blog e deve ser muito legal pra você também que alguêm da outra parte do mundo, também estar acessando seu blog! xau até mais!